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10 Qualities to Identify Reliable Academic Writing Websites

Whenever you face problems with your assignments, who do you go to for help? Approaching professors would be a possible answer. But most students shy away from approaching professors because of fear of being ridiculed.

You might also approach your peers, but they might not always provide you with the best guidance, especially if they’re already stressed because of their own assignments.

Nowadays, several students have started using ChatGPT for their assignments. According to Professor Alex Lawrence at Weber State University, ChatGPT is the “greatest cheating tool” since this AI-powered tool managed to tweet several messages that perfectly capture his tone and personality. A Forbes article highlights how almost 89% of the surveyed students have admitted to using ChatGPT for homework. But students won’t be able to get away with this for long since educational institutions have begun to scrutinise every paper thoroughly to detect AI-generated content.

So it’s safe to assume that hiring a professional assignment writing service is the most reliable solution to resolving assignment problems.

Why Choose an Academic Guidance Website?

While AI-content generator tools are the current craze in the student community, nothing can beat the benefits of hiring professional academic services. Here, you can hire actual academic experts to customise your assignments, edit and proofread your paper and suggest assignment topics relevant to the current socio-political scenario.

Why Choose an Academic Guidance Website?

AI-driven tools like the ChatGPT won’t be able to capture the minor nuances that make an assignment unique. If you compare a paper written by a professional academic scholar and one generated through AI tools like ChatGPT, you can clearly distinguish the difference between the two. The former would have a more creative approach that would set it miles above a generalised paper.

What Should You Check when Hiring a Professional Academic Service?

You might wonder, “Why did students shift to ChatGPT if hiring a professional assignment maker is the better option?”

These online academic writing services might produce better content, but there’s no doubt that several students have had horrible experiences. Due to the rise in demand for professional experts, several websites have cropped up without basic quality checks. And students who believed their tall claims without checking basic facts themselves experienced several issues, such as:

  • Late delivery of assignments
  • Poor quality writing
  • Plagiarised content
  • Unreliable experts

After paying steep prices to hire professional academic experts to assist with assignments, you don’t expect to deal with such issues. But instead of finding the cure in questionable AI tools, it’s best to take precautions against unreliable websites.

In order to help you in this journey, I have compiled a list of things to check the moment you think, “Which is the most reliable website that can make my assignment better?”

  1. Academic qualifications

If you plan to hire an expert for your English essay, wouldn’t you rely more on someone who has completed their PhD in English rather than a fresh graduate? So, when choosing a website, pick one that provides a complete list of experts along with the details of their academic qualifications to help students find a perfect match for their tasks.

  1. Availability of scholars

There’s nothing more irritating than seeking help from an academic service for an urgent paper only to be told, “Sorr犀利士
y, no experts are available.” That’s why it is imperative to choose a website with a team of over 1000 scholars to avoid such issues.

  1. Turnaround rate

One of the leading reasons students opt for tools like ChatGPT instead of professional assignment writers is TIME. Human beings can’t generate content as quickly as online tools. However, if you plan ahead of time and hire a website with an excellent turnaround rate, you won’t have to worry about late-submission penalties.

  1. Disciplines covered

Most dependable academic guidance websites worldwide have provisions for assisting students in all kinds of disciplines. These websites provide quality assistance in engineering, medicine, law, marketing, Chemistry, and almost every subject under the sun. So, you won’t have to jump from one service to another to get help with different topics.

  1. Customer reviews

If you’re planning to invest in an expensive laptop, what’s the first thing you check other than specs? Customer reviews, of course! You’d probably camp in the review sections of various e-commerce websites for hours, comparing customer feedback. You must exercise th犀利士
is same diligence when hiring assignment writing websites.

Go through every review and try to find common issues that other students have encountered. And if a website doesn’t have hundreds of reviews despite claiming to be active for over a decade, avoid it at all costs.

  1. Privacy policies

Most students don’t realise that when they click on “Agree” to the Privacy Policy without reading it, they allow some websites to gather personal data and use it as they see fit. In this digital age, this is equivalent to lending your house keys to a random stranger and allowing them to trespass whenever they see fit.

If you’re unaware of the dangers of not glancing through these policies properly, it’s best to conduct research on the matter and pick a website that doesn’t infringe on your privacy.

  1. Revision and refunds

You might not receive top-quality content despite paying a professional academic writing service to assist you with your papers. But if the website you’ve hired includes revision and refunds in its policy, you can request the experts to improve the papers. If you’re still unsatisfied, check if you can apply for a refund. Such policies protect you from wasting your money unnecessarily.

  1. Accountability

You should avoid all academic writing services that don’t take accountability for their services. The best way to check if a website assumes responsibility for their works is to go through the reviews and check if they respond to and provide solutions to students who have complained of poor-quality writing.

  1. Customer care response

Quick customer care response is an important characteristic of all reliable academic guidance services. If you have any queries and approach a customer care executive, you naturally expect them to provide a quick resolution. But if they take days to respond to your question, it becomes apparent that they lack professionalism.

  1. Clear communication

Without clear communication between the expert and the student, it’s impossible to personalise a paper according to one’s specific needs. Students might need to update the guidelines or provide additional information at any moment. But if they’re not allowed to communicate with the experts directly, the chances of miscommunication increase significantly. Therefore, always choose a website enabling students to connect directly with experts.

To sum it up,

Hiring professional assignment help services is a significantly better option than using AI content generators. As professors adopt advanced methods to detect AI-generated content, it’s safer to rely on a professional to customise your content instead of relying on instant solutions. But the insurgence of unreliable academic websites has made it quite challenging to find a reliable option. So, to help you discover the best options, I’ve covered the crucial qualities that every dependable website should ideally contain.

Author bio:

Timothy Blake is a professional educational consultant at, assisting every student who wonders, “Can you help make my assignment better?” He has helped thousands of students ace their papers and move one step closer to their dreams.

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