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New York style apartment – practical tips for interior lovers

velvet curtains
velvet curtains

New York is a bustling metropolis that never sleeps and impresses with its architecture. This is probably why the New York style has become a real classic that interior designers have smuggled into their arrangements for years. We have prepared some practical tips if you are curious about using this style’s elements. Get ready for beautiful design, noble materials and trendy greys and pastels in recent seasons.

New York style – what distinguishes it?

It isn’t easy to describe the New York style in a few words. The easiest way to describe it is glamour, but that’s too much of a simplification. If you dream of having New York in your home, bet on elegance, high-quality materials and class. Unlike glamour, you must limit yourself to shiny accessories, guided primarily by simplicity and taste. The interiors inspired by New York are chic but still cosy and homely. Not overloaded, and at the same time, far from minimalism. Where to start?


The New York style is primarily practical comfort combined with elegance. For the living room, choose a soft sofa, which has been equipped with pillows on the seats and backrests. What materials are involved? Velvet or velvet will work great. If the space is more significant, place two sofas opposite each other, separating them with a coffee table. Remember the carpet on the floor. In the case of small apartments, place a comfortable, large armchair opposite the sofa. Such a central arrangement in the living room is the so-called “focal point”. Instead of a relaxation corner, it can become a large table with chairs and a massive bed with a velour headboard in the bedroom.

When choosing other furniture, be guided primarily by quality. All seats (e.g., chairs, armchairs) should be upholstered with materials; quilting on the backrests is welcome. Remember that the New York style loves light: interiors must be bright, so choosing white or grey furniture shades is best. This works perfectly in large, tiny apartments, giving the impression of space and freshness.


In the New York style, accessories are an essential element. Choose thickly woven, fleshy fabrics that will make the room cosy. Emerald Green Curtains for the living room and curtains will be an absolute “must have”. In the case of curtains, the New York style likes simple, smooth textures without decorations, which beautifully reflect sunlight during the day. And speaking of sunlight – if you are lucky enough to have large windows at home, blinds will be handy! Preferably Roman, wooden.


We already have elegant, comfortable furniture, curtains, and blinds, and now it’s time for the most important thing, i.e. lighting. In the New York style, you will find many table lamps with oversized shades, beautiful chandeliers and sconces. Especially the latter makes the interiors undergo a natural metamorphosis. The lighting will reveal a cosy but stylish interior in the evening, where you will gladly hide with a book and a glass of wine.


Can the New York style be introduced to the apartment only with accessories? Yes! The basis will be fabrics: heavy blankets, thick curtains, and many pillows on the sofa covers. In addition, look around for a mirror in a silver frame, crystal vases, and glass candlesticks. New York style likes silver and wood but does not tolerate kitsch. Looking into the interiors stylized for New York apartments, you will find expensive accessories, but a significant advantage: their quality is timeless, and the design is always up to date.

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