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How to Draw A Butterfly Sketch Easily

Draw A Butterfly Sketch

How to Draw A Butterfly Sketch. In nature, there are many unique and beautiful creatures, large and small, for you to admire.

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Of all these, few species boast the incredible variety that butterflies exhibit.

These insects come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs but display some of the most intricate and colorful designs found on their wings in nature.

This makes them famous for their depiction in art, and learning how to draw a butterfly sketch is a great way to start.

How to Draw A Butterfly Sketch

Step 1

To start with this butterfly sketch drawing tutorial, let’s start by simply drawing the outlines of the tops of the wings.

Each wing is drawn with a curved line to form a shape that has a small opening inside. The shapes are narrowest at these inner edges and then widen as they extend outward.

Do your best to make these shapes symmetrical, and once you’re happy they look like our reference image, we can move on to step 2!

Step 2

You drew the tops of the wings in the previous step of this butterfly design, and in this one, we’ll draw the bottoms.

To do this, we’ll add a smaller rounded shape to the base of each bodice.

Each of these shapes starts near the outside edges of the top shapes and extends inward to leave a gap in the middle.

This space in the middle will be where the butterfly’s body will go later, and we’ll draw that very soon!

Step 3

In the previous step of this how to draw a butterfly sketch guide, we mentioned that we would soon be drawing the body of this insect.

We’ll keep that promise if we add it now!

First, draw a small round shape with two oval eyes on either side of the head. Next, draw another oval shape below this one for the center part of the body.

You can then draw this section’s six curved lines (three on each side) for the butterfly’s legs.

Finally, draw another long thin oval segment for the insect’s abdomen so we can continue with step 4 of this tutorial.

Step 4

The outline of the wings and body of this butterfly design is complete, and now we get to the more creative parts of this design!

In the following steps, we will focus on designing and coloring the patterns on the wings.

We’ve already mentioned that it’s wise to keep this design symmetrical, especially for this decoration.

In our sample image, we used some circular shapes that contain smaller circles in the upper sections.

We then used curved lines around these circles to create an intricate pattern. After drawing these patterns, let’s fill in the bottom halves of the wings in the next part!

Step 5

You are now ready to complete the final details of this how-to-draw butterfly sketch guide! So in the last step, you are prepared for some painting fun.

To complete the design, we added more circular shapes surrounded by curved line patterns in the lower halves of the wings.

If you like our design, you can copy it exactly as it looks in our sample image!

In this step, you can add decorative details to create a brand-new butterfly design! In addition, you can also create a background to make this fantastic drawing even more dynamic.

Step 6

At the beginning of this butterfly sketch, we mentioned that butterflies are some of the most colorful creatures in the world.

This means you have a lot of freedom in coloring this gorgeous butterfly!

In our example image, we used beautiful gradients like orange, yellow, and blue for the different sections of the wings.

These colors are hints at some that you could use in your design, but feel free to use other colors you love!

Your Butterfly Sketch Drawing is Finished!

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