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Logistics Services: Understanding, Types, and Leading Service Providers

Logistics Services
Logistics services refer to a part of the business which looks after handling all the procurement, manufacturing, production and distribution.

Logistics services refer to a part of the business which looks after handling all the procurement, manufacturing, production and distribution. It is a crucial part of supply chain management in a business. If we see, the goal of logistics services is to gather around the right amount of a resource or input at the right time, from getting it to the appropriate location in the best condition to delivering it to the exact internal or external customer. If you want to know more about logistics services and major performing logistics companies, stick to the end.

Logistics is largely concerned with handling the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, and warehousing. Even the shipping and delivery of a product.

In today’s world where everything is taking place on a digital scale, there has been a great upsurge of logistics services. Nowadays, instead of handling all the processes on your own, you can hire a logistics company or an aggregator. They handle the warehousing, shipping and delivery on their own, helping you avoid the hassle of the fulfilment process and allowing you more time to focus on other tasks such as marketing, increasing brand loyalty and building the brand, etc.

What are the Different Types of Logistics Services?

  • Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics is a type of logistics service that involves bringing products and supplies into a business. All incoming supplies are received, stored, and handled under inbound logistics. A company’s base may be significantly impacted by inbound logistics, which becomes a crucial component of businesses that rely on tangible commodities. Customer satisfaction must be raised and there should be a decrease in expenditures, which is a sign that your inbound logistics is effective.

  • Outbound Logistics

The movement of products or finished goods from the origin, i.e. the production centres to the next supply chain link is outbound logistics. This can be done through various shipping channels, such as air, land, or sea. Further, the products are then transported from the warehouses to the point of consumption or the end customers. Order fulfilment is just another name for outbound logistics.

  • Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics as the name suggests works for the reverse i.e. returns. It refers to the transportation of goods or services from the customers back to the supply chain. Exactly this is required when products need to be replaced for repairing, exchanging, discarding, refurbishing.

  • Third-party Logistics (3PL)

A business that works to outsource logistics services to customers on behalf of another company is known as a third-party logistics provider (3PL). 3PLs provide a variety of services, such as shipping, warehousing, and logistics management. They are a crucial element of a supply chain for many organisations. They allow cheaper logistics costs and greater efficiency. The 3PLs could provide access to new markets and talents. 3PLs come in a variety of forms. Some companies specialise in just one service, while some companies offer all of the logistics services.

  • Four-party Logistics (4PL)

The companies still use 4PL or fourth-party logistics. The logistics company would be in charge of looking at and checking every aspect of the customer’s supply chain. For this reason, a 4PL logistics partner makes a great fit for the client at a greater level of supply chain management.

  • Green Logistics

Green logistics is a logistical operation that has a sustainable model and is environment-conscious. This includes activities like recycling, utilising renewable energy sources, and minimising emissions. The use of green logistics techniques has several advantages. One such advantage is that it might lessen the negative effects of your company on the environment. Decreasing your energy bills over time, it can also help you save money. Finally, it can help build a supply chain that is more effective and sustainable.


Logistics services are the most popular and engaging services in the business world nowadays. Logistics companies are service providers that act as a helping hand to the business owners as they take the chunk of responsibility off their shoulders. They have sources and contacts with manufacturers, shipping companies, and other warehouse facilitators. There are a lot of logistics companies as well as aggregators who directly connect you with the top courier service providers in the country without hassle.

One such leading shipping aggregator is NimbusPost which uses a tech-driven approach to provide services such as domestic and international shipping as well as warehouse fulfilment, bringing you exclusive features under one roof.

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