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The Evolution Of The Target Logo

Logo Designs For Brand
Logo Designs For Brand

Target is the second-highest discount store retailer in the United States after Walmart. George Dayton founded the brand.

Target was known as Dayton’s Dry Good store first. Target has one of the most well-recognized logos. How did the brand come up with this historical logo? Stewart K. Widdess designed the logo.

The logo has a huge impact on brand recognition, and that’s why Logo Designs For Brands should be given enough consideration and designed by professionals. Just like many other brands, Target has also undergone many changes.

Target Logo History

Here is a history of the logo and redesigns that it went through with time:


The history of the Target logo started in 1962. Its first logo was created this year. The first logo featured 3 circles.

The red was light and shadowed. In between the circles, Target was written in bold black. The shadowy and light colors looked like a 90s vintage design that was trendy then.


In 1968 the elements of the logo were separated from each other. One circle was removed from the logo.

Instead, there were only two logos, and the red color was more vibrant and visible. Target was written in light black on the right side, outlining instead. The red circles, the ‘Bullseye’ symbol, were often used without the company name.


This year, the style was the same as in 1968. The red circles were the same, but this time, along with it, Target wasn’t written in thin black outlining. It was written in bold black color.


In 2004 the white letters with black trim were replaced by solid black, and later on, in the same year, the company name grew red. Target started gaining recognition with red, and the symbol became more famous.


The capital letters of the logo were replaced by the lowercase letters. Target even changed its slogan to “Don’t stop living in the red.” It became the brand’s signature color.

What Does The Logo Represent?

The logo conveys that the brand provides whatever customers need or want because it is a goods store like Walmart. What makes the logo memorable is its simplicity and design.

Looking at the two red circles, anyone can recognize that it is a target logo. It has a clear and easy design with a vibrant color that makes it eye-catching and interesting to the people who pass it. The logo is well known for its famous design.

The logo has constantly changed with time, but its main elements, like color and design, have always been consistent. Consistency is important for a brand and its promotion.

Though, it has undergone minor changes in font and typography.The brand’s visual representation matches the brand’s name.

It is believed that Target conveys a message to tell people that its main target is to fulfil the needs of people, and the brand is targeted and focused on it. It has always kept its design up to the trends and is designed with modernity.


Target has set an example of how the logo should simultaneously keep its message constant and trendy.

You should make sure to choose a skillful designer so that you don’t need to change the overall outlook of your brand. A strong logo is important to represent a brand and make it familiar to the audience.


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