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Training Videos – Ways to Gamify Retail Training

training videos
training videos

You may look for ways to improve your training program as a responsible retailer. Besides, an effective training program is necessary to enhance learning and retain your employees in retail. One of the ways you can improve your training program is that you use gamification in your training videos.

Moreover, gamification entails the use of game-like elements in non-gaming environments to engage and inspire people. You can use gamification to your advantage if you use it for training your employees as a retailer.

Further, you do not need to worry if you have no clue how you may use gamification in retail training. We have created this post to help retailers effectively incorporate gamification into their retail training.

Retail Sales Training – What Is It Exactly

Prior to jumping on how you can incorporate gamification into training, we want you to know about retail sales training. Besides, retail sales training is something that focuses on increasing sales and providing customers with a better experience. It is what retailers accomplish with a mix of soft and technical training. Moreover, the factors that play their part in such type of training include the following:

Expertise in product knowledge

Assisting customers in a friendly way

Maintaining a good and comfortable environment

Closing sales and upselling

The goal of retail sales training is to train employees fast with expert knowledge of products. It aids retailers in closing deals to boost sales with a good customer experience.

How Can You Incorporate Gamification in Retail to Enhance Learning and Retention

You can add some fun to your retail training program if you also utilize gamification for this purpose. Different ways you can incorporate gamification in videos for retail training include the following:

Use points or badges in order to reward your employees once they complete a training module.Create quizzes or challenges that employees must complete to advance to the next level.

Let employees earn virtual currency once they complete tasks or goals.

Integrating these elements into your retail training program will enhance learning and retention.

Ways You Can Integrate Gamification in Retail Training Videos

Provide Product Knowledge with Gamification:

Product knowledge is essential for every employee in retail training. Organizations provide employees with product knowledge with retail sales training to make them product experts. Retailers can make training exciting for their employees if they integrate game-like elements into their videos for training. One interactive way to accomplish this is to integrate quizzes or product-related questions in videos.

Moreover, retail creative Training Video Production Services can include scenario-based training, where employees identify & match products with customers’ requirements. It is certainly an interactive way to provide employees with product knowledge. Besides, product knowledge is essential for employees for the following two reasons:

Retail employees need to answer customers’ questions about the products they are selling.

Knowledgeable employees are most likely to convert prospective buyers into actual buyers.

Provide Sales Training with Gamification:

In sales, retail employees are either at the point of sale (POS) system or on the ground to assist customers. In a retail sales training program, retailers can include topics like competitor analysis, buyer persona, and others. Rewarding employees with points, badges, etc., once they complete the training module, can make retail sales training engaging for employees.

Gamifying sales training won’t only make the learning process engaging and motivating for employees. But also improve the sales skills of employees. Videos for retail sales training can include techniques like cross-selling, upselling, etc. Furthermore, creating sales challenges for employees to complete and earn rewards will encourage employees to engage with work. As a result, retailers will retain their sales employees with improved sales skills.

Retail Onboarding with Gamification:

Retail onboarding can embrace touring, meeting the sales team, reviewing the company’s processing, etc. Incorporating gaming elements into retail onboarding videos can make the onboarding process exciting for employees.

Letting employees earn points, scores, and rankings with onboarding videos for training will make training exciting for new hires. It will also enhance the learning process for retail employees.

Introduce New Technology with Gamification:

Technology has undeniably revolutionized the way we live, work, and play today. Moreover, the retail industry is no different in this regard, as retailers also rely on POS software. Retailers can introduce the new technology they use, such as software to track sales and record transactions, with gamification. They can include game-like elements to introduce new technology to retail employees to make training enjoyable and engaging.

Furthermore, gamifying training to introduce new technology will help employees better retain information and eventually perform well. Besides, retailers should stick to the following tips to effectively introduce new technology to employees with gamification

Use games relevant to retail skills that the retailer wants to teach employees.

Employees should find games challenging but not difficult.

Use leaderboards to encourage healthy competition among staff.

These are certainly some good ways to integrate gamification into retail training. Besides, the best training videos often employ gamification to train employees; thus, retailers may capitalize on it in this manner.

The Importance of Using Videos for Retail Sales Training

Nowadays, people search for videos to learn new skills because video is a powerful medium to learn and train. Furthermore, retail employees need training beforehand to become product experts and successfully convert prospects to customers. Using videos to train retail employees helps them visualize various scenarios and perform better while making sales happen. Thus, retailers have good reasons to use videos to train their employees and let them contribute to boosting their sales.


You can improve your training program if you incorporate gamification into it. Retail sales training is something that focuses on increasing sales and providing customers with a better experience. Retailers can integrate gamification into retail training videos in different ways. For example, they may allow employees to earn points or badges once they complete a training module. Retailers can provide product knowledge and sales training with gamification to enhance learning and retain their employees. Lastly, using videos for retail sales training is certainly meaningful, and gamification makes it more meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Challenges of Gamification in Training

Incorporating gamification into training is not something that comes without challenges. You will need to overcome those challenges to effectively integrate gamification into your training program. Those challenges include the following:

Lack of understanding of the gamification process

Overemphasizing rewards and points

Opposition from the target audience, such as students

How Does Gamification Help in Training and Development

Gamification aids in training and development in different ways. Competitions and challenges it entails encourage employees to friendly compete and build a strong bond. Further, it allows all employees to feel they are part of a good team. Collaborative tasks in gamification encourage peer feedback, and it creates a knowledge-sharing environment. Put differently, gamification trains employees in a friendly manner and effectively boosts their retail sales skills.

Does Gamification Increase Productivity

Gamification of the team’s tasks aid in creating a strong bond between team members. As a result, team members encourage each other to do well, which eventually increases productivity.

What Are Some Good Tips to Gamify Training in Retail

The following are some good tips to gamify training in retail:

Add challenges for employees that they should complete and let them earn rewards with training.

Let employees earn virtual rewards once they complete tasks or goals.

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