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Activities of the USA Lifeguard

Lifeguard class

The USA lifeguard class Association acts as the USA representative organization of the International Lifeguard Federation (ILS), the only international lifeguard organization in the world. Currently, clubs have been established all over the country, and certified lifeguard are active.

As a corporation that “brings change to people and society,” the US犀利士
A Lifeguard Association conducts social contribution activities to sp犀利士
read the circle of life sanctity in the areas of “lifeguard,” “sports,” “education,” “environment,” and “welfare.” increase.

The literal translation of lifeguard is lifeguard, but more accurately, it is defined as “social activities aimed at saving lives, and in general, practical activities to prevent waterside accidents.” With this as the basic principle of their activities, related organizations and individuals aim to reduce the number of casualties from waterside accidents as much as possible, not only through lifeguard and monitoring activities at watersides, but also by disseminating new rescue techniques and introducing them into school education. We are developing social activities.


Lifeguard class competitions and lifeguard competitions are aimed at improving rescue techniques in order to reduce the number of victims of water accidents as much as possible, promoting regional lifeguard, improving culture through effective use of beaches, etc., and promoting all ideas. The purpose is to spread and enlighten. In addition, the qualification to participate in the competition includes the requirement to actually conduct surveillance and rescue activities on the beach and in the pool. It is also intended as a place of exchange for all people involved.


The competition events are based on the elements required for actual rescue activities, and the practice requires the attitude and courage to face rescue even in severe situations, and the ability to make accurate decisions in any situation. It requires a mental strength that can do it and a physical body that can handle it.

training for the competition

In other words, training for the competition is also useful for actual rescue activities as a result. Therefore, we know that lifeguard competitions are just a means to an end, and the ultimate goal beyond victory is to save lives.

Lifeguard competitions include 12 surfing events such as Ironman/Ironwoman and beach flags, and 10 pool events such as 50m mannequin carry and 200m super lifesaver as events regulated by the International Lifeguard Federation (ILS). I have. In addition to domestic competitions, world championships are held every two years around the world, and it has become a major event where lifeguard from all over the world gather.

World-class athletes also participate in lifeguard advanced countries such as the Gold Course and Hawaii. Mr. Kuchai himself is active together with Olympic athletes. As a civil servant, he is recognized as a professional on a par with firefighters and police.

On the other hand, domestic lifeguard clubs are basically volunteer-based, and USA Lifeguard is no exception. For a limited period of summer vacation, you can get work in the form of consignment from the city or the beach union.

At USA Lifeguard, in addition to the two months of summer, we are working on improving basic physical fitness in the pool during犀利士
the winter, simulating actual accidents, and improving techniques such as artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In some respects, it is difficult to say that it is still accepted.

USA Lifeguard

“In USA, lifeguards are recognized as being on par with the police and fire departments, and they work as public servants.” Kuchai said.

According to, representative of USA Lifeguard, although there are currently more than 80 members, most of them are students and working adults who work as lifeguard while having other jobs, and members often change every year. It is said that

People can drown in the ocean from the sandy beach to about 200 to 300 meters offshore. Lifeguards protect this area,” says . It is said that it is necessary to cultivate good judgment on the beach.

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At the same time, not only organization and discipline, but also surf skills, water skills, and knowledge of relief activities are at a high level. Putting this concrete experience into words, he says, “I feel that it is my responsibility to convey in USA the knowledge I have gained in English.”

At the same time, there is also a difference in the way of thinking about the beach.

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